Labdanum, Juniper and White Oak Bark Perfume and Healing Salve


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Combining her love for the ground, plants, stones and her connection to the British Isles with her knowledge and experience in Herbalism and Folk Medicine, Jessica creates seasonal foraged and grown body care, tea blends and speciality foods. Each batch is micro with careful attention paid to the plants, the land and the people of the land.

This can be used as both a healing salve and as a solid perfume. It’s hard to put this scent into words. It’s soft yet powerful, smoky, sweet, deep, dark and sultry.

Labdanum resin of the evergreen leaf of the Cistus or Rock Rose in the Mediterranean. It’s been used since ancient times and has been revered for both its skin healing and aromatic seductive qualities. It smells of Amber and the stone on which it grows. It’s warm, sweet, sultry, languid, relaxing yet awakening. “Due to its energetics, labdanum helps repair emotional wounds. It brings us back into ourselves. It has the ability to bring to the surface cellular memories of past traumas from this lifetime or traumas that people are carrying from their lineages.”

Juniper Berries are detoxifying, full of antioxidants and heal the skin. These berries are anti-fungal and calming for the skin.

White Oak Bark is full of tannins therefore making it astringent, pulling impurities, calming and soothing the skin.

All infused into organic olive oil and combined with local beeswax and poured into an oyster shell, the mark of Venus.

Please keep out of moist areas such as steamy bathrooms.


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