Daily Oracle

Jerico Mandybur


Jerico Mandybur is an award-winning creativity coach, meditation teacher and an accomplished writer covering wellness, feminism, LGBTQI+ conversations, and social justice amongst other themes. They advocate for a humorous but spiritual approach to mindfulness and creativity.

Between deep wisdom, cosmic insight and humour, the Daily Oracle is a guidebook that focuses on magical advice through a refreshing insight and teaches you how to fight life’s surprises – from everyday decisions to big challenges.

This modern guidebook is a mixture of revealing insights, practical wisdom and actionable exercises that readers can incorporate into their self-care practice instantly, and watch their self-love flourish.


  1. Breathe deeply for three counts, holding the closed book next to your heart.
  2. Quiet your mind and focus on your question. See the question in your mind's eye or say it aloud. 
  3. Run a finger along all the page edges and when you feel called, stop and open the book in that place. This is your higher self's answer to you. 
  4. Trust what you've read and consider how it related to your question and your energy right now.

220mm x 116mm

Full-Colour Illustrated 144 Page Guidebook

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