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"A love song to all that grows and blooms, to the sun and stars and the blossoming cosmos"

Pure plant beauty, herbal and healing offerings, made by hand in West Cork by Warrior Botanicals, a grassroots herb and botanical craft studio, making small batch skincare and herbal potions in honour of traditional herbalism, folk traditions, the seasons, the elements and the earth. 

WB use only the purest herbs, flowers, oils, butters, extracts and essences, always organic where possible, and sourced locally. WB never use synthetic or chemical ingredients, preservatives or polyunsaturated oils like sunflower that have been proven to damage the skin, instead they use wholesome jojoba, camellia, olive and others that offer deep nourishment.

This hair rinse comes in two types:

Luna Bianca - The flowers and herbs in this blend are chosen specifically to nourish the hair with minerals and create shine and strength including maidenhair, moringa and jasmine, also associated with the moon. Try on a full-moonlit evening when the energy of the luna cycle is fertile and promoting growth.  

 Airmid - The flowers and herbs in this blend are chosen specifically to nourish the hair with minerals and support a healthy scalp. (Locally wildcrafted nettle, jasmine flowers, wild rose petals, calendula flowers, horsetail, chamomile flowers, lavender, milky oat tops, red rose petals, wildcrafted hawthorn, rosemary leaf)

To use, simply pour about two cups of near-boiling water over two tablespoons of the herbs in a heat-safe bowl. Add fresh rose petals or crystals if desired. Cover and let brew for around 20 minutes, and then pour the rinse over your hair. Let the rinse saturate your hair and let it sit for as long as possible before rinsing with water. Straining the flowers out before using the rinse is optional, advised if rinsing in the shower, but if you are practicing this outside you may want to leave the flowers in.

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